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I can't remember the movie title and it's about 10 years old, but is about a mother who looses her little child that got killed by a train. She lives inside a really big house with a friend and her husband and the mother hears a train sound and asks if anyone hears it to! But everyone says no she continues to hear the sound thinking she has gone crazy she finds a black cord and follows it throughout the house until it leads to a bedroom with a tape recorder playing a train sound over and over

Please help me to know what this movie is called

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This might be Remember Me with Kelly McGillis, based on Mary Higgins Clark's bestselling novel. It's about a grieving wife who lost her son when her car was hit by an oncoming train. She moves with her husband to a mansion that's reputed to be haunted, rented to them by a realtor friend who's also her husband's old flame. Soon the wife starts having nightmares and hears her son's voice as well as a rushing train. This turns out to be set up by the husband and the realtor, trying to drive the wife insane. It's from 1995, though. Here's the trailer:

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