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Obviously, when Walt shot two of Gus' trustworthy men in Breaking Bad, Gus wanted to kill Walt and have Gale replace him after learning his formula.

However, around the time Gus offers Walt '3 million dollars for 3 months of your time', did Gus plan to continue doing business with Walt after these 3 months, or was Walt just a disposable source of money? At this time, Walt wasn't seen as much of a threat (he wasn't as much of a liability as is in series 4).

So, is there any evidence to suggest that Gus planned to kill Walt (or not) from the start?

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I think Gus' initial plan was to sweeten the deal enough for Walt to become his chemist.

While extremely distrustful of him to begin with because of Jesse, Gus takes a risk and accepts Walt into his trade and even gives him the lab at the behest of Gale encouraging Gus that purity means more money.

Assuming everything went smoothly and certain events didn't occur, it is plausible that even after learning Walt's connection to Hank that it would still be beneficial to Gus to keep him on as long as he survived due to the extra money Gus could make and the monetary incentive for Walt.

Judging by the series as a whole, Gus only intended death for Walt after he ran over his dealers, breaking the peace to save Jesse's life, who was still considered a lowly junkie by Gus.

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