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In the movie Edge of Tomorrow how many days does Cage experience? Or to put it another way:

How many times is Cage killed?

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It doesn't appear to be discussed in the movie.

In the book the film is based on, All You Need is Kill, he has 160 iterations.

There's an interesting thread over at IMDB you might want to peruse, where people have argued everything from 100 days to over 1000 days, to over 100 years! There isn't any common consensus on that thread (or indeed across the Internet, yet) on how long the loop lasted for in the film.


In terms of deaths actually shown on screen in the film, Warner Bros. have a mash up of all his deaths on Youtube. Counting those shows 16 deaths in the film. although many more must have taken place.

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I was kind of hoping that somebody had simply gone through and counted all the separate days that are shown on screen rather than the theoretical number of days it would take for him to learn all the skills he displays –  A Pale Shadow Jun 12 at 15:44
@APaleShadow Yeah, that would be cool to know! I'm sure someone will do that when the Blu-Ray or DVD comes out. –  BrettFromLA Jun 12 at 16:14
@APaleShadow But while this would be a start, It surely won't suffice the slightest, since Cage learns so much stuff that isn't shown, he probably needs far more days/deaths than shown in the movie. For example remember how he said that he was in this desolate house with Rita many times before, which wasn't shown at all. –  Napoleon Wilson Jun 13 at 8:41
@NapoleonWilson ... Also while at the house while we are watching, we see he knows about all of the mimics which are buried near by and that all of the different things which they have tried do not work. There is no way he would know all of that considering we see them arrive at the house maybe three times (I have only seen it once, so don't know the count). This tells me he has been to there many times. Also, we only see him go to the HQ to see the General once with Rita, yet they have all the moves planned out to get there. This would take many iterations to get it right. –  Paulster2 Jun 21 at 21:33
@APaleShadow: Edited answer to reflect what I think you are asking. –  Andrew Martin Nov 19 at 13:40

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