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I never got a chance to see Vitaly Petrov's number in Cars 2. However, given the attention to detail that is given in this movie, I very much doubt that he hasn't been assigned one. Can you help me? My son would be very grateful.

This is the car I'm asking about:

This is the car I'm asking about

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I'm not sure he has a number.

This page lists all the World Grand Prix Racers from the films, each of whom has a colour scheme and a number. This list includes people like Lewis Hamilton (No. 2) and Francesco Bernoulli (No. 1).

However, this other Wikipedia page lists the racers in slightly more detail. For Jeff Gorvette (No. 24) it states:

The character does not appear in international versions of Cars 2. In two scenes (one where Lightning meets him at the party in Tokyo, and another when that scene appears in Mater's nightmare), Gorvette is replaced by a completely different character, voiced by a regionally better known racer than Jeff Gordon. Most of them share the body shape with Max Schnell and the least of them share after the body of Miguel Camino:

Mark Winterbottom as Frosty (Australian release)
Fernando Alonso as Fernando Alonso (Spanish release)
Vitaly Petrov as Vitaly Petrov (Russian release)
Jan Nilsson as Flash (Swedish release)
Unknown as Long Ge (Chinese release)
Memo Rojas as Memo Rojas, Jr. (Mexican release)
Sebastian Vettel as Sebastian Schnell (German release)
Claudia Leitte as Carla Veloso (Brazilian release) Unknown as Raoul ÇaRoule (French release)

No number is listed. Some further searching led me to this site, which is one of many selling toy replicas of the cars in the films. Unlike most of the other racers, no number is listed against Vitaly's entry, or his picture:

enter image description here

Additionally, stills from the film show nothing:

enter image description here

Therefore, I think it's safe to assume he most likely doesn't have a racing number, as he is only feature in one country's version of the film.

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