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I have seen this movie when I was very young (11 or 12). I am 19 now and I want to know the name of this movie. The movie is obviously produced before the 2000.


Drama. Seen on television.

What the movie is about":

It is about a hit-man who invades a house for theft or murder (one of them). He kills everyone there. However, the girl (I do not remember if she was related to the victims) is found there sitting on stairs, sad, depressed and smoking. The hit-man feels compassion for her and starts developing a relationship with her.

Whether it was romantic or not, the hit-man and the girl are pictured inside a house taking care of flowerpot or a pot.

The movie ends with the hit-man killing himself with a bomb, in order to let the girl go to school again.

Anyone to identify this movie for me?

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great film. It was obvious then that Natalie portman was destined to be a star. –  Flak DiNenno Jun 10 at 19:45
I want to point out that Mathilda's (Natalie Portman) family is not killed by Léon the hitman (Jean Reno), but by some corrupt police; she goes to Léon for help. –  Malvolio Jun 11 at 0:40
Re: romantic. Mathilda: Leon, I think I'm kinda falling in love with you. Léon: [wiping himself off] How do you know it's love if you've never been in love before? youtube.com/watch?v=hFWBJgirKfw –  Paul Draper Jun 11 at 14:49
The Leon/Mathilda dynamic is equal parts touching and disturbing. Amazing movie. Luc Besson at his best. –  System Down Jun 11 at 17:49
If I may say so: Look for the DIRECTOR'S CUT version. The other version has been expurged of "disturbing" material, mainly, where Mathilda explicitly tries to get Leon to see her as a woman, and not a teen girl. –  Kzwix Jun 12 at 9:41

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This sounds like Luc Besson's Leon: The Professional from 1994 with Natalie Portman about a hitman adopting a girl after her family is wiped out (he also finds her sitting and smoking on the stairs in his building). They also take care of a potted plant together. It ends in the manner you've described (he offs himself with grenades to take out the villain). The trailer is available on Youtube.

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Thank you! This is the movie I had in my mind. –  georgechalhoub Jun 10 at 18:45
Well, the full movie isn't available anymore: This video contains content from WMG, UMG, TuneCore Publishing, Indmusic, Wagram Music, gaumont, UMPG Publishing, The Orchard Music, EMI Music Publishing and Sony Pictures Movies & Shows, one or more of whom have blocked it on copyright grounds. –  bhamby Jun 11 at 14:40
Thanks. Removed the link from the answer. –  Walt Jun 11 at 14:48

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