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Ok so about 5 or 6 years ago (old I know) I was watching Starz movie channel and they were having this animation marathon with movies like Final Fantasy: Spirits Within and some others. I watched them all! But, there was this one animation.. it had similar art style to Final Fantasy but all I can remember is at the beginning there are two flying objects zooming through the sky. Then, as the camera zoomed in they're identified as human sized jet like structures. Then out of no where one transforms and begin swinging a sword, then the other transforms and we have a full on air duel of blades... Eventually one lost and the other sliced both his arms of clean.. blood spewed so we know they're human and the one without arms spiraled out the sky to land in a ditch somewhere.. Now I'm sorry if this is vague but Um using my pre-teen photographic memory here :D Oh and they had swords with a peculiar rev like orb on the sheath where only the user can pull the blade where it lights up orange. If someone other than the user tries to pull it it doesn't move and just looks like hard concrete..

Please these pictures have been haunting my brain!! I need to know the name just for nostalgia's sake

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"it had similar art style to Final Fantasy" So, it's been CGI rendered? Or just some Asian/anime style? –  Mario Jun 9 '14 at 6:17
CGI rendered, yes. –  Mikhiel Jun 9 '14 at 12:51

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