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In A Tale of Two Sisters, during a seizure, a woman happens to see something (someone?) under the sink, and she tells her husband about it.

We later see a hand come out from under the sink, but due to the nature of the movie (a very unreliable narrator), we can't easily know for sure if the hand was real. However, we have no reason that I know of to distrust what the first woman saw. Was there a tie in with the rest of the story somehow? Or was this just a red herring?

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the hand under the sink can be the su-mi's sister hand – user4800 May 7 '13 at 13:15
i just watched this movie and according to me,the dinner did happen but the women was also the girl....she had multiple personality disorder so she was acting as the woman having the seizure maybe she was hugging herself tightly and imagining other stuffs..... – user6478 Oct 20 '13 at 15:18
the genre was horror and psychological thriller so i guess that was su-yeon. The step mum seeing the flower bobby pin. which is also seen on su-mi's head in the ending. and the women having seizure is can also imaginative – khushi Mar 16 at 15:40
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I saw this movie recently and from what I could gather, everything that happened (except the part where the older sister returns to the house after her treatment and the bird being killed) is's in the mind, because of her dissociative identity disorder. The other woman couldnt have arrived at all, I think, because all the while the stepmother was not present at all in the house. She arrives only much later. So if the stepmother wasn't there, and it was the girl imagining everything, even these incidents are part of the supposed imagination. A bit far fetched I know but this is the best I could comprehend.

EDIT: It appears my interpretation of this was skewed. The family dinner did happen and the woman did see something. It seems that what she was is supposed to be a ghost of the dead sister. Please see this link for a detailed discussion on the movie:

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Spoilers ahead, for those who haven't seen this film

I remember watching this film with the commentary on (on the UK double disc DVD release), and the person providing the commentary (their name eludes me at the minute) talks about how the film originally had scenes which implied

the father and Su-mi were having an incestuous relationship.

In fact, I remember the scene being available on the bonus disc somewhere.

This might help explain the unreliable nature of the narration/story telling, as Su-mi might be using the apparition of her Su-yeon as a way of dealing with the death of her sister and mother, and (the above spoiler).

This all makes me think that huge chunks of the film happen inside Su-mi's head. And the kitchen scene takes place in her head, or is partly fictional.

At least, that's my interpretation of it.

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