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During the title sequence, just after the camera pans up the frozen wall, there is a 'blinking' effect and a strange futuristic sound. Is this supposed to represent something important?

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Ooh that explains it the best –  SLC Apr 1 at 15:27
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Its the sound made by the viewing lens changing. If you watch the intro carefully, you'll see that the "zoom" changes in conjunction with the sound. Apart from being a cool effect, I doubt it has any deeper meaning.

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I think it goes with the mechanical theme for the intro - when they change zoom level they accompany it with a 'snick' sound and show the edge of the new lens crossing the screen. To zoom in more there are multiple lenses to slide in, so multiple 'snicks'.

This is similar to how you change magnification level with a microscope. It's very hard to smoothly change zoom at small scales, and I think they want to reinforce the effect of the intro being a mechanical map that's just about possible using the technology available in the series.

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In fact, from what I have seen, that blinking effect comes from the globe that shows up between the map shots at the scene. It keeps spinning during the whole opening, and its rings move making that blinking sound. In the internet, they call it the Astrolabe (had to link because the image is too big):

Game of Thrones Astrolabe

It seems to not have importance at all, but if you look closely and pause at certain parts, its design shows the animals of the families they represent (such as the dragon of Targaryen, the lion of Lannister, the stag of Baratheon and the wolf of Stark).

The picture below is a close-up of the astrolabe and it seems to hint at Robert's Rebellion:

enter image description here

As of the dragon (Aerys Targaryen) is being attacked from both sides by the wolf (Eddard Stark) and the stag (Robert Baratheon), and surprisingly being also held up from behind by the lion (Jaime Lannister, who betrays and kills him).

If you look on the internet, more shots like this can be seen throughout the opening, with a few more hints of the show's backstory. Everything seems to have a meaning on this, it is pretty amazing.

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