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I want a list of all the famous soundtracks that are used as background scores in the TV show Just For Laughs Gags

I found a list but I guess it's missing some of the popular tracks (like Flight of the Bumblebee).

Is there a complete list, from all seasons?

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One, on the trombone is Heavens just a sin away. Another is The Singing NUN played possibly on a flute. – Colin Washington Mar 28 at 19:29
The Pretty Woman saxophone version is missing also. – JC. Jun 26 at 5:43
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It looks like you already have the Vol. 2 list, so here's the list to Vol. 1.

Even in these two albums, which are the only two released to the public, there are still 4 or 5 unknown songs missing that have been broadcasted in the gags.

Hope this helps.

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