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Maria and Nicholas existed in Trevor's daily delusion because of his guilt about the past hit and run.

But how come Ivan exists in his imagination?

Are there any clues in movie that can prove Ivan's actuality in Trevor's past? Or is Ivan's figure totally delusional as in schizophrenic people?

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It is as simple as Ivan is Trevor's guilt, manifested into a human hallucination.

He uses Ivan's supposed mysteriousness to start blaming his distractions and his recent obsession over who is out to get him when really Ivan does not exist at all.

Fight Club spoilers explain this best:

In a way it is like the ending of Fight Club where The Narrator turns out to be Tyler Durden. In the end, the picture that he kept claiming was Ivan, was really him.

The picture is taken before his accident and shows how Trevor was before the guilt of killing a child started seeping into him and causing him to lose sleep for a year. Notice that Ivan is finally gone from his life when he finally turns himself in for what he has done and is also able to finally sleep.

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Thanks for the explanation - that Ivan was hallucination of Guilt –  user4375 Mar 17 '13 at 16:25

He hates his past, his guilt that he doesn't want to remember. He avoids the past version of himself, healthy, happy, and a killer. So he throws this part of his character away. This separation is too much that the thrown away past turn into a new, fictional, independent character. A pain in the ass and as disgusting as possible in Trevor's eyes (ugly fingers and laughing, etc...). Trevor doesn't want to remember his past year.

However his subconsciousness has created the past version of him, everywhere, communicating with people he knows, working at the same place, etc. to remind him of something. That hanging-man game, for example, is his subconscious intention to remember and accept his guilt. And when he accepts his guilt and past perhaps can go back to the normal life he had before the accident. To sleep, not accusing people, not washing his hands with bleach, etc.

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