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Only remember about the end, two look-alikes fight over a roof with glass and one falls throught it, dying in the process. In the end, the one who survives is revealed to be the bad one.

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Reminds me of the Jet-li movie One, although the ending seems inconsistent with that movie. – Dredd Jun 1 '14 at 19:51
Yeah I was thinking of the One too but ultimately there wasn't just one left as survivor, so not sure. – GµårÐïåñ Jun 1 '14 at 20:49
Could it be you are looking for 'The I Inside'? They are no look-alikes but your question made me think of that movie right away. The scene where he falls though the glass can be seen here at 1:16:00 – Inneke De Clippel Nov 7 at 13:53

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Sounds like Natural Selection (AKA Dark Reflection) from 1994. From TVTropes:

C. Thomas Howell plays a dual role. In one, he is a successful computer programmer named Ben... In the other role, he is Adam, a clone of Ben who has been running around the country killing his other clones and taking over their lives. (There were seven clones all together). Well, Ben is last on the list... In the climax, Ben and Adam fight on the roof and one kills the other. At the end, we find out that evil Adam survived

Here's that climactic scene on the roof.

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Maybe thats the one. But there're other univerlses involved

A sheriff's deputy fights an alternate universe version of himself who grows stronger with each alternate self he kills.

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