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Can anyone identify a European/arthouse film where the camera is just left on a table focussing on a doorway in a house/apartment and chronicles "a day in the life" e.g couple argue, couple make love in doorway etc. Think it was definitely European.

This film was shown on maybe UK Channel 4 and would have been possibly before 2000/2001.

The film was shot entirely from the same position if I remember correctly.

I am almost certain it was colour, possibly 1990s, had English subtitles and the camera was focussed purely on a doorway, maybe between lounge and hall.

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Approximate decade? (How long before 2000?) Possible genre? B&W\color? 'Coming Apart', for instance, is entirely filmed in one room from the same angle IIRC, but it's American, from 1969 and in B&W. –  Walt May 31 at 12:10
BTW, there is something that's purely a stationary shot of a couple talking by a door... Unfortunately, it's a special episode of 'Mad About You', which doesn't fit the rest: youtube.com/watch?v=mLprn-dFlpU –  Walt Jun 2 at 12:33
I was going to suggest Amour (postdefiance.com/amour-review), but that came out in 2012. –  Trish Ling Oct 28 at 18:43

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It could be Caché (English title: Hidden) directed by euro auteur Michael Haneke.

The movie is built around apparently threatening videos sent anonymously to a family which have the character you describe: long static shots of their home recording their life. It doesn't all consist of those shots, though, as the family tries to find out who sent them and much of the movie is about this.

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Thanks Matt. No, it wasn't that film. –  user9899 May 31 at 11:18
My immediate thought was Cache too. Sounds like a near perfect fit (for the original short description)! –  ChrisH Jun 30 at 22:22

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