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If I recall correctly, during the beginning of The Godfather Tom Hagen is sent out to Hollywood to convince a producer to use an actor, when the producer balked, he ended up waking up snuggled up to his favorite horse's head.

Do we know if that implied threat actually worked? The wiki states that Woltz was unmoved until the horse head incident, but is there ever any indication that it actually worked as intended?

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Yes, it worked. You may recall that, a couple of scenes later, Vito receives a large bouquet of flowers:

Vito: What -- what is this nonsense? 

Tom: It's from ah Johnny, starring in that new ah film.

It isn't spelled out, but since Johnny gives Vito the flowers as a gift and Tom refers to "that new film" rather than "a new film," it is pretty clear that this is the Woltz film Johnny wanted to be in.

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I don't remember the scene, but it's on tonight, so I'll watch for it, thanks. – CGCampbell May 29 '14 at 23:55
OK, can't believe I've always missed that. Thanks. – CGCampbell May 30 '14 at 0:47

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