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A girl is looking for her father who disappeared somewhere in mid-Asia (I think). The girl meets and hires a pilot, a cynical drunkard - their hate and love relationship is the major part of the story, their conversation is full of humor. There is a link to British government or secret service (the father was representing these, or was perhaps a scientist?), this part is humorous, too. There are local bad guys and tribes, a lot of fighting with air-raid against the locals (action film part?).

Not a good film, not a famous one, probably no reason to remember it. We saw it some 10-15 years ago, and a few lines of the dialogue keep coming back continually, like the pilot shouting 'don't speak!' to the girl, and a little later, becoming interested, shouts with the same tone 'speak!'.

If any of you can identify this film?

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Perhaps High Road to China (1983) with Tom Selleck? From an online recap:

Rich woman hires drunken pilot (Selleck) to fly her to China to find her missing father.

It also features this exchange between them:

[Man:] Speak!

[Woman:] Speak?! If you or one more person tells me to speak or to not speak, or to lower my eyes, I am going to let you have it!

There's a trailer on Youtube that showcases their love-hate relationship. The entire movie is also available there, though it's dubbed in Italian.

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