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I still haven't understood, how was the poison mixed with Joffrey's cake? Is it explained in the show yet? I have a feeling, I have missed the explanation. This much I have understood that, Little finger put the poison in Sansa's necklace which somehow mixed with the cake. But when and how? Please help me understand it.

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the wine was poisoned not cake –  KharoBangdo May 25 at 14:15

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In the show, it is not explicitly explained how Joffrey was poisoned. Whether it was the wine or the cake.
But in S04E06, Pycell presents Sansa's necklace as a proof in the trial against Tyrion. Since Sansa was wearing the necklace throughout the wedding & nobody but Olenna goes up near her for a small talk, there would be no time to mix the poison in the pigeon pie(cake). Hence, conclusively & certainly, the poison was mixed in the wine.

Littlefinger & Olenna were directly involved. Olenna confessed to it in front of Margery in S04E04. Ser Dontos was hired to transfer the poison onto the unsuspecting Sansa.

If you go back to S04E03, you can clearly see the point at which, Olenna takes the poison from Sansa's necklace & puts it in Joffrey's wine.

If you dont want to rewatch the episode, here is a detailed explaination with screenshots from that episode thanks to r/zephytr

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That is an excellent set of pics! I watched that episode like a hawk, knowing what was to come, and I missed most of what's described in those pics. –  System Down May 27 at 17:41

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