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All right, I swore I'd never have to do this, but this one is driving me crazy. There is a lady in the new Wendy's tuscan ciabatta commercial that I cannot place.

In this youtube spot she enters at :10, and there is a good facial shot at :16. I know I have seen her before, but cannot place her. It may have been in a minivan commercial as a mom (?) but I believe I have seen her in film as well.

enter image description here

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For reference: i.imgur.com/GoojBeA.gif –  rbsite May 24 at 5:40
I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought it was her! –  user9900 May 31 at 12:46

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Ok, I have figured out who I think it looks like, and I believe it's her although I'm still not 100% sure. The mannerism and expression match some of the ones that I've seen from the show she was on.

Identification: Patricia Richardson, who played the mom on the Tim Allen show Home Improvement. When she was first in television, she appeared in some Wendy's spots (1981) called "Dinner it up", so she has a history with Wendy's as well.

Here are a couple of modern pictures:

First Image

Second Image

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I remain unconvinced. Her ads for Wendy's were in the very early 1980s; retrojunk.com/commercial/show/19129/dinner-it-up-at-wendys –  Richard May 24 at 14:18
I agree, I don't think that's her. The actress you're looking for above doesn't really look like Patricia (their eyes are very different, for one) and seems younger. –  Walt May 24 at 14:38
I concur with Walt and Richard. This actress is much younger than Patricia. Patricia was born in 1951, which would put her in her mid-60s. The actress in the commercial is probably in her late-30's or early-40's at most (probably closer to mid-30's). Nice try and I do see a certain resemblance, but I would vote against this being Patricia. –  Paulster2 May 24 at 18:14
@Paulster2 - Yeah, I wasn't really convinced. I think what is doing it is the facial expression/mannerism is VERY similar to some of the ones in Home Improvement, and I may be keying on that. Mannerisms are a big reminder trigger for me. –  JohnP May 24 at 20:20
Also, she's probably a bit player rather than a known actress, otherwise her appearance would've been made public. –  Walt May 24 at 21:02

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