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I didn't watch it in entirety, but I think there was a town where a landslide occurred or something like that, and men alike women all went to investigate a cave. They were attacked by some creatures, but almost all of them (dunno, probably someone got killed) escaped, but forgot one of their female friends, who remained chained to the rock and was screaming for help, but the cave had already closed. By the way,the houses were made of red brick, I guess.

I checked The Cave, The Cavern, The Descent, that's not it. This movie was older than that.

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Were the creatures shaped like humans? –  Will Feldman May 19 at 22:15
harry porter I guess –  tollywood May 20 at 8:42
@tollywood is it a joke? –  Ankit Sharma May 20 at 14:56

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