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Yep I know they were siblings but, throughout Ender's Game Ender only told Valentine what he feels. He saw her in a game. Why not Petra? And I can feel that he loves her in a different way or maybe I have to read the book. So did Ender love Valentine in a romantic way?

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"He saw her in a game. Why not Petra?" - Yeah, why the sister you have a strong emotional bond with instead of a random girl you just met? –  Napoleon Wilson May 19 '14 at 9:10
But good question, of course. –  Napoleon Wilson May 19 '14 at 11:30
Keep in mind that the story happens while Ender is aged 6-11, with the last couple years happening in space. At his last meeting with Valentine he'd be at ~9 years old, and romantic feelings are a bit different at that age. –  Peteris May 19 '14 at 12:18
@Peteris While not having read the book, I don't think that age span applies to the movie so much. He seems significantly older (or at least definitely doesn't start at 6). –  Napoleon Wilson May 20 '14 at 10:47

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The answer is "No". My personal interpretation is, Ender and Valentine are close to each other like normal siblings. Since the beginning of the movie, we were shown that Ender shares everything with his sister because he trusts her most.

Check this to know more about Ender's Character.

It says,

As a child, Ender is bullied at school for being a "third", in particular by a bully named Stilson. After Stilson engages him in a fight, Ender beats him thoroughly and also ends up killing him. At home, Ender is tormented by his brother Peter, a sadistic bully who jealously resents the attention Ender gets from the military. His only refuge is with his beloved sister Valentine, who acts as his protector and only friend. When he is accepted into Battle School, he is broken-hearted at the thought of leaving her and so is she, but she assures him that they will always have a bond.

And in the dream he saw Valentine not Petra because he's so protective of Valentine rather than Petra. I've seen this movie but I didn't feel like Ender liked Valentine in any different way other than his close friend and a confidant.

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