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I've been trying to identify this movie for some time now. I watched it at home in VHS before 1990.

  • It was about a spaceship attacked by an alien.
  • The alien attacked and killed several crew members, by covering them completely with whitish/translucent tentacles.
  • The tentacles would start coming up for instance from a floor made up of metal bars.
  • At the end of the movie, the alien befriends the last crew members.
  • There was a scene in which the alien held some type of wrench, helping the crew fix the ship.

That's all I remember. The closest I've found is Star Crystal, but after watching it I don't think it is the same movie... As I remember it, the tentacles were the only form of the alien's body.

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Er, are you sure this isn't Star Crystal? Tentacled alien on a spaceship, check. Kills some of the crew and befriends the rest, check. Helps them fix the ship (in a scene that involves a wrench), check... If this isn't it, there's some blatant plagiarism going on here - not to mention the fact that these are probably Alien rip-offs anyway. ;) –  Walt May 18 at 22:10
Ops, I watched Star Crystal and I completely missed the wrench :(. Does the alien really hold the wrench in it? If it is, my mind has remastered the movie and made it look awesome, because Star Crystal is so bad. I was hoping that there would be other movie. –  evilfer May 19 at 9:22
No, he levitates it. Seen here in 5:48 onwards: youtube.com/watch?v=CHga7-wLMwk You still could be talking about another movie. Or maybe you've mixed 2 movies together. The mind plays tricks on us sometimes. ;) –  Walt May 19 at 9:51
It must be it... About 25 years have passed, but Star Crystal has little resemblance to my memory of it. I'll keep looking for other space/tentacle movies in case I did mix two movies. Should your comment be the right answer? –  evilfer May 19 at 10:22
If you're not sure, I don't think so. If you ever find it, you can always answer your own question and close it. Good luck!! –  Walt May 19 at 10:27

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