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I have a very faint recollection of this movie, having watched it as a kid. The general plot was about a big man (who may or may not have been an English or Scottish lumberjack), who lived in a tiny cottage on top of a luscious green meadow with a little dog. He goes on a big adventure across the world and comes back a changed man (potentially returning with a wife?)

I remember the aesthetic of his little cottage being similar to The Sound of Music, so I'd guess it's a mid 50s to mid 60s movie. Anyone have any ideas what it could be?

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Could you describe some of the adventures he went on? What makes this movie stick out in your mind? Also what country did you see it in? –  Kevin Howell May 19 at 19:29
I saw it on British TV in the late 90s. I know the movie was definitely in English, and I'm leaning to thinking it was a British film. It was shown during the middle of the day so must have been family-friendly in terms of rating. In terms of the adventures, I feel the sea may have played a part but I'm not 100% sure. –  Essential May 20 at 22:17

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