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It's one of those classic black and white movies back in 40s and 50s i believe.

There is this man who adopts some kids I think. On Christmas I think, he brings home some used presents for the kids and they are not happy. He also had a friend/colleague that owned some kind of a store. He asks his friend to help him build a school for orphans I believe. Don't know if they were orphans or it was a boarding school for teens. I do remember a teen boxing match taking place in that school. It could have been all boys school. Can't remember if there were any girls.

Anyone know what movie this might be?

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Sounds like Boys Town from 1938 with Spencer Tracy and Mickey Rooney about a priest opening up a sanctuary for abandoned boys. From an online recap:

the story of the real life crusading Catholic priest Father Flanagan, who embarks on a scheme to rescue abandoned, abused and hopeless boys from the streets... with the help of the cranky but secretly sympathetic pawn shop owner Dave Morris

There's also a boxing match in which Rooney's character is beaten up. Here's the trailer.

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Yep that's the one. Thank you so much. – user3639110 May 15 '14 at 16:45

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