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So maybe an odd title... basically from what I remember it was a sort of gathering/party with gents and ladies drinking champagne and whatnot, and one woman (like in her 30s, I'd like to remember she looked like Catherine Bell, but most likely was not) takes this older dude up to the bedroom and outside theres a dude in the tree spying on them. and she closes the curtains I think, and begins to have sex with him on the bed.

I think the movie was about the woman and the spying guy being undercover, or seeking revenge, I dunno. And the old man was the target I think. Might be way off though...


The scene was at night time. Pretty sure it was a U.S. movie. I'd say the production time was like 1990s or 1980s. The guy who was spying in the tree looked like Don Johnson I believe. I think the guy spying was the womans boyfriend or something, he might have gotten pissed off when she decided to take the old dude upstairs hah.

Two possible plots:

  1. Tree guy is FBI/police and brunette woman were working undercover for him to get close to the rich old dude.

  2. Tree guy was maybe going to take pictures and blackmail the old dude, but the woman fell in love with the old dude or hated the tree guy, so she closed the curtains.

Saw it late at night on television. Could have been an episode of a TV show, cause really there was just that one sex scene which was missionary with boobs. Not much else. But I'm pretty sure it was a movie...

The 'party' or formal meeting looked like this, in an expensive house. She tells him to follow him upstairs. I think he has wanted to sleep with her the entire time, but she always rejected him.

So this tree peeping tom guy leads me to believe this was either a sting, or blackmail thingy.

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When and where did you see it? Can you give an approximate date of production? Was it a U.S. or U.K. film? Also, more detail about the scene will help rule out things. Was the sex explicit? (rules out TV episode or TV broadcast) Was the fashion and party style more 1940s or 2000s? Did the scene occur in daytime or nighttime? –  rbsite May 15 at 9:15
Please edit your question rather than putting more detail in an answer. This might be easier if you register an account. –  iandotkelly May 15 at 13:25
Stakeout? imdb.com/title/tt0094025/?ref_=nv_sr_1 –  Kevin Jun 4 at 5:33
Heartbreakers? –  Chloe Aug 10 at 3:42

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