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The main character is getting ready to start a job with the FBI or CIA or something and in the beginning he has a black crown vic, an old police cruiser, and they pull up by drug dealers who think they are cops and run, throwing their dope and money. So they pull up and get the dealers stuff and drive off.

I'm thinking the guy played in Species but I can't find his picture in the cast list. -- EDIT: NO HE WAS NOT ON SPECIES -- EDIT AGAIN -- I'm not entirely sure, it might have been the dude who was an astronaut and got infected with the Species and blew his head off and it grew back.

He had a bad drinking problem and became really violent and was prone to "go off the handle" for no real reason.

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Any more detail - when did you see this even? – iandotkelly May 11 '14 at 0:26
It is probably an early 90's maybe late 90's movie. I can't remember, it was really good though. The guy had an affair with a woman in Mexico also. He kind of went a little crazy, robbing dealers and such. And then in one scene he held his gun to the side of his friends head inside the car. – hmcclungiii May 11 '14 at 0:28

Could it be Training Day, (2001), with Denzel Washington and Ethan Hawke? The movie has a scene where Detective Alonzo Harris (Washington) holds a gun to Jake Hoyt's (Hawke's) head:

In Alonzo's car, the officer sees teenage Mara Salvatrucha gang members dealing drugs in a park. Alonzo confiscates the drugs and tells Jake to take a hit from the marijuana. Jake refuses, but Alonzo puts a gun to his head and says Jake's failure to use drugs could get him killed by a street dealer.

They do rob dealers as well:

Alonzo takes Jake to Sandman's home in Watts where he uses a fake search warrant to steal drug money from the premises. Sandman's wife, however, notices and calls out to the nearby armed gang members who open fire.

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No, it's not training day. Thanks for the close match though! His partner was latino I think. His partner had a wife and maybe a baby. – hmcclungiii May 11 '14 at 1:20

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