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I recall some details from a movie I'd like to identify:

Older female whose father was an protester in Europe and whose leg was hit by a horse wagon during a protest. The accident caused her to be in pain for much of her life.

I think the woman was an older relative of the main character, the father was an anarchist and the characters where Jewish.

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Approximate year? Was it in English? And by the tags, I take it this could be a TV show\miniseries? – Walt May 10 '14 at 22:28
I thought it might be the movie Avalon (1990) or the Sopranos, but I searched everywhere and couldn't find any reference. – Fábio May 12 '14 at 13:09
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It's Lost in Yonkers (1993).

When she was 12 years old...

...her old man takes her to a political rally in Berlin.

The cops break it up with sticks, on horseback.

Somebody throws a rock, and a cop bashes in her old man's head.

And then a horse goes down and crushes Ma's foot...

...and nobody ever fixed it.

Hurts every single day of her life. I never once seen her take even an aspirin.

That's moxie, kid.

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