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I'm trying to identify an 80's -early 90's children's show I had on VHS.

The things I remember about this show are:

  • Mirror - A magic mirror was an element to the story. Someone would "find" the mirror (I remember a man rowing in a pond and finding it in the reeds). Then they set the scene to see the story in the mirror.

  • Animated scenes - I can only recall 2 of these "mirror stories" Both felt like they had non-English bases. In one people were dancing around a fire on the beach. The story had a sad tone. In another black shadow creatures called hobbyharves(?) tip toes around. They stole children and the story had a dark/scary feel.

I was born in '85 and probably watched in about 88-93. Did you watch this or know this? Please let me know!

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So the scenes outside the mirror are live action footage? I remember some movie, it had a boy who's transformed into a fish (I think through a mirror), but I simply can't remember its name... – Mario May 8 '14 at 6:46

The Magic Mirror - Fairy Tales (thanks, generic names!). Someone on YA! found it here, the "shadow men" are called Hobyahs (one of the story titles).

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