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I'm looking for a movie. It depicts the emptiness of a man's life - he attends parties, drinks. I'm not sure if they are gay, but males wear makeup. In the end of the movie, he washes away mascara and enters an open car with men already sitting there, who go to war (against Nazis). The movie looks "new", it's probably around early 1990's

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It sounds like you're referring to "Bright Young Things" (2003)

I can't place the scene you're referring to, but there are certainly a host of allegorical 'putting away childish things' imagery towards the end of the film as the protagonist heads off to war.

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Unfortunately you suggestion was released almost 7 years after I watched mine. I'm sure about that, cause I saw the movie on TV, and I completely stopped watching television in 2000 and never regretted it since then. I don't even have a cable or aerial antenna. Thanks for suggestion, maybe I try similar movies in lists. – Easy Life May 25 '14 at 15:21

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