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I saw this like ten years ago On Demand on Comcast, and I can NOT remember the name of it. So basically, a group of college kids/adults move into a house in the woods, and near the beginning, one of them sees a woman in the window of the house but nobody believes him. They get picked off one by one by either the house or the ghost, i can't remember. But there's like a room made of skin or something, and at the end, it's just a brother and sister (I think, it may have been boyfriend and girlfriend), and it turns out the girl is actually the monster and she kills him as the movie ends.

So... does anyone know what movie this might be? It's not a good movie by any means, but I still feel the urge to watch it again and have been searching futilely for about two months.

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More details might help. Is it in English? How are these people killed off? Was the girl the monster all along or was she possessed by it in the end? What does 'a room made of skin' mean (what did it look like)? –  Walt May 12 at 21:34
it turns out the girl is actually the monster Are you certain about this? Every other point sounds like House on Haunted Hill (1999), and at the end Vincent and Evelyn have a fight in which the ghost kills Evelyn and uses her appearance for most of the rest of the movie. –  Crow T Robot May 19 at 18:25

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