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There was a show on Disney channel or Disney XD around 2009.

I think it was an anime styled and futuristic. this girl raced what seemed to be space ships and had many friends.

I'm not sure if she had a troubled past or not.

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Sounds like Oban Star-Racers. Did the main character have red hair? – Krazer May 5 '14 at 3:57
Can you add some more details, like plot etc. – Ankit Sharma May 5 '14 at 5:41

Per Krazer's comment, the only Disney channel show that seems to fit the bill is Ōban Star-Racers.

Notably, the show is in an anime style, the primary character (Molly) has red hair and there are many races seen. She also has an extensive fan-base and several friends.

enter image description here

The description on Wikipedia closely mirrors your own:

In the year 2082, Earth has been invited to compete in the Great Race of Ōban, an intergalactic race whose winner can be given "The Ultimate Prize", Eva Wei, an Earth student, escapes boarding school to find her father, Don Wei, president of Wei Racing and the best race manager in the world.

During the first race, the Whizzing Arrow, the Earth Star-Racer ship, crashes due to sabotage. Haunted by the death of her mother — a famous star-racer — and the harsh "reunion" with her father, Molly is determined to win so she can be with her parents once again.

enter image description here

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