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I watch this movie back in the 90's when i was small. In the beginning of the movie, a man shave his head, he kill his wife, son and himself. Then he haunted the house. A few years later a family move in. The new family son reminds him or look like his son so he want to kill the boy. Another scene i remember is when the boy taking a bath in a bathtub, playing with a dolphin toy i think then he came to kill the boy. In the ending something like a tornado in the basement i guess when the family defeated the ghost. That all i can remember. Please help me please.

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Sounds like the 1996 TV movie Victim of the Haunt (AKA The Uninvited) with Sharon Lawrence and Beau Bridges. It starts with a dad that goes insane, shaves his head and drowns his boy (but he doesn't kill himself, his wife shoots him). Decades later, a family moves in and the ghosts in the house go after the son. There's a scene where he plays with a toy whale in the tub halfway through and in the end of the movie, his mom saves him from a ghostly whirpool in their flooded basement. The entire movie is available on Youtube here.

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Yes, it is!!!!! Even i give some wrong description about the movie, its totally Victim of the Haunt! Thank you very much mate. I've been looking this movie for years. – weiz Apr 27 '14 at 15:14
Glad you found it. Don't forget to click on the V sign so that others know the question is solved. – Walt Apr 27 '14 at 15:18
...Or not. Oy. :( – Walt Apr 28 '14 at 9:05

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