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About 13 minutes into I Am Legend Robert Neville has a flashback where he starts to rescue his family. While he loads them into the car, the camera cuts to two soldiers and one says to the other "Can't get used to the new rags." and makes a jerking motion across his face.

What is he talking about?

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I think the soldier says, "I can't get used to the new regs" as in regulations. It's referring to Neville's (Will Smith's) beard that he has in the flashback. The "new regs" are likely to prohibit shaving with a razor in order to prevent open sores that could lead to infection by the virus.

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Ha...that makes total sense and adds a subtle explanation to the plot. Great answer! –  ray Apr 9 '12 at 2:08
Great Answer...makes sense! I must have seen that scene 10 times and that was the first time I noticed the comment. –  user7999 Feb 9 at 17:22

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