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To clarify, I mean if you're only going to use one camera, can two or more people do the camera work? For example, one person can shoot one scene, and then another person can shoot another scene? Or would it look too different? (different way of filming than the other person)

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It depends how much "artistic license" you give the the camera operator. For example, if you storyboard the shots, or even do computerized previsualization, there will be very little interpretation on the part of the camera operators and so the audience won't be able to tell the difference. But if you let the camera operators decide how to shoot the scenes, you might get very different "feelings".

But remember that a lot of the "feeling" of a movie is created with the lighting, the music, the editing, etc. This question would apply just as much to those in charge of lighting design, scoring (music), editing, sound design, costumes, props, etc.

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