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A couple moves into a house and the wife has encounters with a few different spirits, which she finds out were children who were killed in the house by their father. The spirits think she is their mother because she looks a lot like their mother did.

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The description is kinda vague, but it somewhat fits The Others

Do you have an approximate year?

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its a older movie i watched it when i was a kid and i was born 1990, i thought it was the others too but its older than that movie. its alot like the movie the others but the lady doesnt move into the house with her kids, its just her and im pretty sure a man that movie into the mansion. – nat Apr 9 '14 at 18:04

It sounds like The Haunting (1999).

In this movie there is a group that goes to a mansion to get help with insomnia. The protagonist, Eleonor, looks similar to the wife of the original owner of the house, Hugh Crain. Crain took children to his mansion and murdered them, so the spirits of those children haunts the house ask help to Eleonor.

IMDb Wikipedia

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