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What is the name of this girl featured in How Deep is Your Love by akcent?

enter image description here

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I can't really tell what you are talking about, because you obviously forgot to add a link. However, if it is about a music video, I am sorry to tell you that those are off-topic on this site –  atticae Apr 8 at 16:14
This question appears to be off-topic because it is about a music video. –  JohnP Apr 8 at 22:36
@JohnP Identifying an actress is off-topic? –  Maria Meh Apr 9 at 5:56
@MariaMeh - maybe you should read the link that atticae gave you as to why music video questions are off topic. –  JohnP Apr 9 at 14:25
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1 Answer

I found that.

Her name is Raluca Negrea

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Do you have any evidence? Can you tell us where you found it? Anything to support your claim? If you don't add something more to this answer it will probably be shut down as "low quality." –  Meat Trademark Apr 8 at 17:02
If you Google "Raluca Negrea how deep is your love" you'll find a lot of references to it. I think @MariaMeh is right. –  BrettFromLA Apr 8 at 19:35
@MeatTrademark - A low quality answer for an off topic question that apparently was easily found. Appropriately bad all the way around. –  JohnP Apr 8 at 22:44
: ( –  Meat Trademark Apr 8 at 23:40
@MeatTrademark Just google her name and you will find her... She has done one and only video. –  Maria Meh Apr 9 at 5:55
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