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I love Discovery channel because it's so American and most of the time there's such a drama for nothing, but I have to admit that seeing Moonshiners was some kind of a surprise.

I guess that people making alcohol illegally is something that exists pretty much everywhere, but is there any truth in the whole trauma documentaries show ?
Except for one episode where they all pretend not to be actors, it really seems to me that it's just a bunch of redneck actors that fake something that might indeed exist for real.

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Why a downvote ? is that question bad quality or offtopic ? –  Kiwy Apr 10 at 9:59

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If someone was doing something illegal, I would think the police would begin investigating. Especially if it was a series and not just a documentary.

Although the guys in the show have claimed in interviews that it's legit, it has since been determined that it isn't.

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thank you I was looking for some proof about that and you exactly bring what I need –  Kiwy Apr 8 at 10:14

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