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Can anyone tell me the title to this movie?

Made in 50's or early 60's. A family of five or six kids. The parents are killed. The oldest boy has to give his siblings away to other families because he was unable to care for them himself. Takes place in Europe.

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All Mine to Give (AKA The Day They Gave Babies Away) from 1957 might fit. It's about 6 siblings who are orphaned after both their parents die of diseases. Before the mother dies, she asks the eldest son to find good homes for his other siblings, which he eventually manages to do right before Chritsmas. However (although they are Scottish immigrants), the movie takes place in America, not Europe. Here are the first 3 minutes.

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I've seen a movie with a similar plot. Who will love my children? (1983) However, it's the mother who struggles to find homes for all her children.

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