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As far as I can remember, its an alien movie with a Roswell Grey called Adam. He's telepathic and malevolent but the main character(s?) don't seem to think him to be so... I think its a 90's movie, possibly late 80s.

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Please stop voting to close "identify this" questions after only an hour or two. 14 days is the limit. Address the problems and let the OP edit their question at least. Just because you've earned the rep to VTC doesn't mean you have to. – Meat Trademark Mar 31 '14 at 19:57
@MeatTrademark - agreed. By all means ask for clarification, but don't jump at closing too quickly unless the question is seriously unanswerable. – iandotkelly Mar 31 '14 at 23:28

That sounds like the Seven Days episode Lifeboat, (1999).

In the final episode of the first season (Episode 21, "Lifeboat"), it was revealed that the Roswell crash was actually an alien craft transporting convicts to a penal colony in another solar system when it developed a malfunction and crash-landed on Earth. The aliens were preserved and kept in a secret holding facility deep within Never Never Land, but one of them (nicknamed "Adam") came back to life and attempted to cause a nuclear power plant meltdown.

The episode is on youtube.

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