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I remember seeing this movie as a child in the 80s so it's probably a 70's movie.

A guy picks up a hitchhiker and ends up murdering him/her (can't remember), to dispense of the body he puts her in a wheel-chair, puts a large hat and sunglasses on her to disguise the fact she is a asleep and goes to a movie theatre. In the movie theatre when dark he swaps the victim out of the chair and wheels himself out wearing the hat and glasses.

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Wow, that sounds clever (and devious)! But I have no idea what the movie is. – BrettFromLA Mar 28 '14 at 21:46
At first it sounded like The Hitcher (1986) until you started talking about the wheel chair. – druciferre Mar 31 '14 at 0:36
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I think I got it: The Australian thriller End Play from 1976 about two brothers, one of them wheelchair-bound, suspected in the murders of blonde hitchhikers. One hitchhiker (who wore a large hat) is found in a cinema and the wheelchair is used to dispose of her. You can briefly see the killer in a blonde wig and sunglasses setting the body up in this trailer around 1:14. There's also a longer trailer available.

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That's it - thanks a million – Bacon May 6 '14 at 16:14

Sounds like, The Freeway Killer? Movie made about the true story of a guy from California (William Bonin) who picked up hitchhikers...young men and boys, and raped/murdered them..late 70's into the 80's. Hope this helps!

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I looked this movie up - looks like it was made in 2010, the film I'm after was around in the 80s – Bacon Apr 3 '14 at 20:01

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