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This movie is Asian, probably Japanese. It is at least ten years old.

The story is as follows: a female assassin falls in love with a guy, but her boss wants the guy dead. He has situs inversus (i.e. his heart is on the right side of his torso). At one point she has to shoot him, so shoots him on the left side (the usual side for the heart). He survives.

I find the film similar to Point of No Return.

Note: Both answers currently provided have been checked and are not the film in question.

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A problem - the heart is on the left side of the torso. Did the character definitely have his heart on the wrong side, or do you mean the assassin deliberately missed him by shooting him on the other side? –  Andrew Martin Mar 26 at 19:17
is fixed @AndrewMartin. thansk –  Hélio Santos Mar 26 at 19:21
You need to be clearer. How old? Are we talking 1950s? 1970s? 1990s? 2000s? Can you give anything else? –  Andrew Martin Mar 26 at 19:35
@JohnP, is a movie, not a documentary. :D –  Hélio Santos Mar 26 at 19:41
The only other mention I could find at all for a character with dextrocardia (reversed heart) was "Wounded", and I can't confirm that. There is a wiki page for fictional characters with situs inversus (All organs reversed) here: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/… –  JohnP Mar 26 at 19:54

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It sounds like Ninja Assassin.

Ninja Assassin is a 2009 American-German martial arts film directed by James McTeigue.

Movie Picture

How the movie starts:

Raizo (Rain) is raised by the Ozunu Clan to become the most lethal ninja assassin in the world. As a child, Raizo (being an orphan) was taken in by Lord Ozunu (Sho Kosugi) and is enrolled in severe brutal training to become the next successor of their clan.

From the end of the film:

Mika, seemingly fatally wounded, is in fact saved by a quirk of birth: her heart is actually on the opposite side of her chest.

This is the trailer.

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Is not that one. –  Hélio Santos Mar 26 at 19:23
@HélioSantos: Definitely? It matches everything you've said, including the heart defect. –  Andrew Martin Mar 26 at 19:24
her heart is ok. the boyfriend's heart is not. And the movies is not from 2000s –  Hélio Santos Mar 26 at 19:30
@HélioSantos: I can keep looking but check out the trailer in case. If it is definitely not that film, you need to update your question with more details. Approximate year, any famous quotes, any more story detail. Anything would be helpful –  Andrew Martin Mar 26 at 19:32
Seen the trailer. Is not that one. No explosion, no swords. I find the film similar to "Point of no return" (1993) –  Hélio Santos Mar 26 at 19:38

I think the movie in question might be Koibito wa sunaipâ - My lover is a Sniper (2004).

See this link if you still able to read in Portuguese language.

Here is the movie's IMDB page.

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Welcome to the site! Your answer may be correct, but it would be great if you could add some excerpts from the IMDB, or any other information whatsoever to explain why this might be the answer. Feel free to take the Tour under the Help menu for more information on how the site works. –  Andrew Martin Mar 27 at 12:27
@AndrewMartin thank your for your help. I will try to make my next contributions in the right way. :) –  Luís Sismeiro Mar 27 at 14:34
Your contribution is an acceptable answer, so that's great. But the more info the better :) –  Andrew Martin Mar 27 at 14:40
Here is an English review - Makes no mention of a reversed heart, and not much else fits either: beyondhollywood.com/my-lover-is-a-sniper-2004-movie-review –  JohnP Mar 27 at 14:46

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