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Two GIs are in the basement of a European house with a butler. They finally decide to escape. They escape to a movie set of WWII and find out that the war is over. They go to LA and write a book and the butler follows them to LA.

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is it black and white? What language was it in? Please provide more detail. – DustinDavis Mar 25 '14 at 23:30
Why not give it more than one hour before voting to close? We need to retain users to get out of beta; not stomping on identify-this questions so quickly might help. – Meat Trademark Mar 26 '14 at 0:25
@MeatTrademark ... Agree with that. And actually this question has a lot more detail than many I've seen. Good enough for someone to remember anyway. – Pᴀᴜʟsᴛᴇʀ2 Mar 26 '14 at 2:08
14 days folks! Identify-this questions get 14 days. That is DAYS - not minutes. – wbogacz Mar 26 '14 at 2:13

I believe you are describing the 1965 movie "Situation Hopeless...But Not Serious", with Alec Guinness and Robert Redford.

In it, two aviators are forced to bail out over Germany. They are hidden in a cellar by a friendly German who enjoys their company so much that he lies to them letting them think the war is not over after it ends.

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The other possibility is the movie "Wake Me When the War Is Over". It is slightly different in that it is only one aviator and the captor is a woman, but when he escapes he is followed by the maid. – JohnP Mar 26 '14 at 15:30

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