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Throughout the U.S. version of The Office, there were many hints (or red herrings?) that Toby Flenderson, who served on the jury which convicted George Howard Skub as the Scranton Stranger, was actually the Scranton Strangler. Additionally, there were hints of a darker past for Creed Bratton, so perhaps it was him?

Was anything definitive determined about the identity of the Scranton Strangler by the end of the series?

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Yes, the the Scranton Strangler was identified fairly definitively in one of the final episodes. Have you watched to the end? I don't want to spoil it for you. –  Will Feldman Mar 23 at 22:31
I watched them all and still feel it was left to interpretation. –  JoshDM Mar 23 at 22:35

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Yes, the the Scranton Strangler was identified fairly definitively. Toby was on the jury that convicted Skub, but feels he was pressured to convict, and suspects he might be innocent. From The Office Wiki:

He decides to travel to the prison to confront the strangler about his belief, but when speaking to the strangler, is attacked, leaving him with damaged vocal cords and a neck brace. This confirms that he was the strangler and Toby was wrong in his suspicion that he was innocent.

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I've read several theories that point to Toby being the strangler and that he went to prison to gloat. –  JoshDM Mar 24 at 0:13
@JoshDM: A lot of those threads were written before the final episode where all this was revealed. Quite a few of them now have updates either at the top of bottom of the thread explaining that. –  Andrew Martin Mar 24 at 11:47
@AndrewMartin - I must have missed the reference as I thought the strangler wasn't mentioned in the last episode. –  JoshDM Mar 24 at 12:31
@JoshDM: Whoops, sorry. I meant final season. It was episode 16 iirc. A lot of the Reddit threads for example which debated Toby's guilt were created long before that reveal. –  Andrew Martin Mar 24 at 12:35

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