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So, in the movie, the Tet arrived, destroyed the moon then made a cover up story that humans had fled to Titan, and it was itself a Human launch pad.. But in reality the Tet was an autonomously functioning Artificial Intelligence which controlled the drones and killed humans.

My question is, who built the Tet ? And could they send another one?

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We aren't really meant to know who sent the Tet. In the film, Beech explains that the Tet is another alien race that's seeking to take Earth's resources for itself. The Tet could be a sentient being all on its own, built by another race somewhere in the known universe that, after eliminating its creators, travels to other worlds, eradicates the dominant native species, and hoards the resources for itself.

Sometimes the scariest monsters are the ones we can imagine ourselves.

It's possible that whomever or whatever built the Tet could send another one, but they would really have to think about how they would do it. Humanity has shown they're fairly resilient, and managed to take down the Tet and reclaim their planet, and that alone may cause wherever the Tet came from the rethink doing it again.

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"Sometimes the scariest monsters are the ones we can imagine ourselves." - Exactly. The Tet would be far less mysterious and engaging if we knew that it was just another scout drone from some standard alien race. The Tet is the Tet and that's really all we're supposed to know. –  Napoleon Wilson Mar 18 at 21:48
Which is saying a lot, because Oblivion is pretty thin on story. :P –  MattD Mar 18 at 21:59
Well, the overall story was maybe not thought-out that well in all details, but the story itself wasn't that uninteresting, I think, even if all the individual parts had be seen elsewhere already. And besides that, it definitely lived from its visual style, atmosphere and soundtrack, which, given that it wasn't a book but a movie, turned it into a pretty good experience for me. –  Napoleon Wilson Mar 18 at 22:07

The film seems to leave that possibility (another invasion) open as at no point does it ever address the true origins of the TET. However, what might be surmised from the scene near the end where 49 comes aboard the TET is that it believes itself to be an independent entity (it informs 49 that it is his "god").

Failing anything else apparent in the narrative it can be presumed that the TET is a sentient being whose creation was presumably by its own hands or by a race which no longer controls its actions.

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