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The show I am thinking about has a wealthy man who operates from a high-tech flying wing base, using high-end prosthetic makeup and special acting-theatrical skills to substitute for people and solve crimes.

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Human Target

A Vietnam vet named Chance sets up a unique service for people who feel their lives are threatened. For a fee, the client goes into hiding while the Human Target impersonates him, hoping to draw the killers out.

From the Wikipedia entry:

[Chance] uses advanced technology and sophisticated makeup to assume the identity of his client, becoming a human target.

In a departure from the original comic book stories, Chance flies from job to job in a large, gizmo-laden stealth aircraft known as the Blackwing.

Additionally, he is assisted by computer expert Philo Marsden, Blackwing pilot Jeff Carlyle, and former CIA operative Libby Page. Page coordinated Chance's missions, Carlyle also served as cook and chauffeur, while Marsden created new gadgets and developed the masks Chance used to impersonate his clients.

The comic was again adapted for the 2010 series. Although the new avatar was considerably less flashy.

Read a bit about the character origins here. Browse through screenshots from the pilot episode here.

Watch some clips from the show here and here.

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