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Just finished watching season 4, wrapped it up nicely. But I'm a little confused about Starbuck.

She was not a Cylon, but she died and came back. Was she supposed to be an angel?

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There is no official answer to this question. The two main schools of thought are that she's either a nod to the Seraphs from the original series or - without spoiling too much - she's the same as messenger Six and messenger Baltar. I think it's a bit of both personally, with a dash of we didn't know what to do with her.

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She is, as I've often taken from watching the series, a time traveling Cylon from the future. Capable of downloading into a new body after death, but highly evolved to the point of being completely organic like humans. She represents the paradox of the Cylon universe "what has happen before, shall happen again".

Unlike current sleeper Cylon's that black out when their program triggers them to take action she has visions and makes her own decisions. She represents the evolved state of being able to have both free will and a destiny at the same time.

That's my two cents. Take it or leave it. :)

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She's the first hybrid her dad was a Cylon. So she gets her own rules.

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Not exactly a detailed answer. Do you have any resources to back this statement up? – TylerShads Jan 17 '13 at 0:52
Any evidence behind your claim? – Mistu4u Jan 17 '13 at 5:57

I think that when her ship was destroyed near that black storm of some sort, which I'm assuming was a black hole she did die. However, the fact that she died near/in a black hole can account for her dead body and busted up ship being on the 1st earth planet. As we all know that in any sci-fi show, black holes can bring you to any place and or time in space. That black hole took her there and it duplicated her body AND ship, which would explain why it was brand spanking new when she came back with it. I stand by all of this as my theory, however I’ve never seen the original series, just the remake, so maybe there’s something else that explains it all. I don’t like how she just disappeared in the end. I’m going to go with when she came back, she was basically an angel, but not an angel for the whole series.

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