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In New Girl season 3 episode 13, Nick makes a surprise birthday video for Jess. I want to know which soundtrack is playing in the background of the video. Thanks in advance.

The song in question is from the 17:40 mark in this video

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This question appears to be off-topic because it is about identifying a piece of music. –  CGCampbell 2 days ago
Also, which song? It starts with a big orchestra number and transitions into a light romantic tune. It's possible they're both Ludwig Göransson originals, TV composers can do wonders these days. –  Walt 2 days ago
@CGCampbell: These aren't off topic as of yet. It's been discussed but not finalised. Pure music video questions are off topic. Questions about soundtrack are loosely on topic, and very much on topic if more reason can be provided as to why the soundtrack is being sought. –  Andrew Martin 2 days ago
@AndrewMartin I believe it is blatantly off topic, not needing proof of meta discussion. The question was to identify a piece of music. The fact that the music was available on a video, in this case, is no different than if the OP said track 3 on album X.... He didn't ask "why was it used on the video" or anything relating to the primary subject of this se. The real reason it is obfuscated is because he chose to use the term "soundtrack" –  CGCampbell yesterday
@CGCampbell: Of course you can. It just doesn't make a lot of sense on a community website like the Stack Exchange, where the community has all the power and decides what's on topic. Rather than fighting your battles, discuss them on meta, decide on what's on or off topic and go from there. You can vote and close any way you want, but it saves the hassle of voting to close questions that will always remain open as the community wants it so, or answering questions the community will always vote to close. Still, do as you like - those are just my thoughts. –  Andrew Martin yesterday

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