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I need to know the title of this movie I saw in the 90s.

The story is based on a male student and a female teacher. The student likes and loves his teacher and some day accidentally he meets the teacher in the supermarket. At that time the teacher's bag falls down and the student helps to collect the goods from it. She then gives a lift to the student and while they are in the car the student tries to kiss his teacher. She doesn't accept it.

After some days the teacher changes her mind and asks to meet the student somewhere at some specific time. Then she drove by in her car and she saw the student there. However, she chooses not to meeting him and goes.

The student is a football fan and he can also play. Some day the teacher asks him to come to her home when her husband isn't there. The student comes and the teacher is in with her female friend, and so the teacher refuses to allow him to get in. However, the teacher's friend convinces the teacher to allow the student to finally get in.

The teacher married a lazy, middle-aged man and he is not a good match for her. He wears glasses and is a very normal man.

Finally the student and teacher get in to the bed, kiss and make love. The film finishes by having the teacher come to the student and running on the ground with him as they play football.

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The movie you are referring to is called "The Heartbreak Kid". It's an Austrailian movie and stars Claudia Karvan as the teacher. Some of the events you describe are not in sequence but are in the movie. I hope this helps.

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