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I remember watching this series as a kid. The protagonists were two teenagers - a boy and a girl. They had a VW Bus in their backyard, with some kind of satellite dish on top of it. It had something to do with space travel or time travel, I think (or communicating with someone in space?) I cannot remember many details, except for one episode, which revolved around barrels containing some radioactive materials, and a pesky neighbour (who I think appeared in all episodes, though I don't remember that well).

It definitely isn't Mystery Science Theater 3000, I know there was a VW Bus with a satellite dish there, but that's a completely different series. Also, I'm pretty sure it wasn't American - most probably British.

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Does it sound like The Miraculous Mellops?

There are teenagers who communicate with aliens on the moon and one of the spacecraft is a VW Combi. There is also a nosy neighbour (described as trailer trash) who is constantly trying to steal the alien artifacts from the teenagers.

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Yes! I've managed to find some episodes online and this is definitely it. It seemed much less silly when I watched it as a kid, haha... I'm unable to vote for the answer though, I'd be grateful if someone could do that. – user8332 Mar 3 '14 at 10:52
Simon - if you register, then you will be able to vote for an accept this answer. – iandotkelly Mar 3 '14 at 14:53

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