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I do not remember this show but this particular scene is stuck in my mind, chafing at what little sanity I have in reserves.

Here goes;

There is this father, who is probably a science guy, who grows a jungle in his lab and concocts an eerie-looking drink, the color of which is evil-green. Then he drinks it in one gulp, I guess and becomes something else. Outwardly, he is human but inside he is a monster. Not like a rapacious lion but rather an evil-doer closely concealing his intentions inside. I think it is his daughter, but she notices the sudden change, for he keeps drinking this concoction more and more everyday (he offers this drink to HER in place of the usual orange juice, no less!) and withdraws himself inside his lab. Then she surreptitiously gains access inside in his absence. She is horror-struck by the weirdness and grossness of everything there, snaky vines everywhere, bubbling sounds haunting her ears.

This lab, for what it is worth, is in their house!

Meanwhile, there is this small group of adolescents, the usual mixture of reckless boys and sheepish girls. They are trying to get inside a haunted mansion (how the lab and the mansion are related is beyond me.)

This is all I can pluck from my brain at the moment. What is this show? I think it is a PBS show or something (definitely not a late-night show) I would really appreciate any sort of input.

*My guess as to how far it goes back is within the range of 10~15 years. *It is very likely that it is a show from the U.S.A.

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The first part sounds exactly like Goose Bumps TV episode (2 parts) Stay Out Of The Basement

Margaret is really worried about her father. Ever since he lost his job, he spends all of his time locked in the basement. What is going on down there? He is just doing a little plant testing... harmless really. When Dad does come up for air, he acts strange and is only getting stranger. In fact, he'snot acting like himself at all. All he ever says is "stay out of the basement!" So when her Mom goes out of town, Margaret's worry turns to fear. Especially when she and her brother discuover the root of the problem.

but the 2nd part doesn't fit with that episode but does with other episodes. Maybe you're mixing them.

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