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Why does Patrick's lawyer act funny, as if he were joking, when Patrick was confessing to him at the bar?

In this question I get an answer

In the end, Bateman seemingly kills dozens of police officers, something that would not easily be forgiven, forgotten, nor without being the talk of the town and also among his socialite 'friends'. Even his 'confession' is aluded to by his lawyer as a laugh as they believe Bateman is too reserved to commit such acts.

Which explains why the lawyer acted the way he did, but not really because he was calling Patrick, "Davis" and said that "Bateman was dull" (something to that effect).

So what's the deal with the lawyer? Did I just misunderstand the conversation?

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I think the scene is ambiguous...

EITHER the lawyer mistakes Bateman for some other guy Davis - as a repeating theme in the story is someone mistaking person A for person B

OR the lawyer pretends to mistake Bateman for Davis in order to avoid discussing the confession

IN WHICH CASE the lawyer might think Bateman is crazy and fantasized the murders

OR the lawyer might think Bateman really did the murders

BUT IN ANY CASE the scene with the lawyer is in keeping with the repeating theme of people not really knowing the people around them, or caring to know

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My wife thought that he was calling him Davis and playing it off as a joke to protect Bateman (pointing to your 2nd sentence). It kind of made sense at the time and your answer makes sense as well. –  DustinDavis Feb 21 at 14:50

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