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At the end of Season 5 Chuck the prophet disappears. Is he God? If yes, why didn't Dean's locket glow? If not, what happened to him? Did he die? I ask so, because eventually Kevin became the prophet and they said there's only one prophet.

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No one knows for certain. The writers kept it vague in the show, and have maintained that vagueness in interviews since the end of season 5.

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Are they going to continue this someday? –  user8157 Feb 20 at 16:28
@user8157 I can't predict that. My crystal ball is broken, and is being repaired. –  user209 Feb 20 at 16:30

according to the wiki-yes, chuck is God, the creators finally confirmed it a while back.

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user12826 is right it does state that on the wiki supernatural.wikia.com/wiki/Chuck_Shurley –  Kevin Howell Jul 21 at 19:47
the confirmation is still vague enough to be plausibly deniable, but at the very least the actor who played Chuck thinks he was playing God. –  Michael Edenfield Jul 21 at 23:41

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