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I need to know the name of a TV movie from the late 70s to early 80s about 3 siblings separated and put in foster care. When grown, the oldest sets out to find siblings, the youngest always wore a knit cap.

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Was this a TV show with parts, or a single TV movie? –  Andrew Thompson Feb 20 at 5:19

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A Long Way Home (1981) - DVD Cover

A Long Way Home (1981)

Many years after being abandoned by his parents, Donald sets out in search of his siblings. His biggest challenge is cutting through layers of bureaucratic red tape. He happens upon a helpful counselor who offers her assistance in locating his missing brother and sister.

A Long Way Home (1981) - Pic 01

That's the little sister in the above pic...

A Long Way Home (1981) - Pic 02

and these are the other two siblings.

~ DVD cover from MRQE; Stills used are YouTube screenshots

Take a look at the full movie to confirm.

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